How many people know the truth about how the criminal justice system and our government functions? How many people REALLY know what happens between the arrest and the trial? There are many people who have experienced corruption in their lifetime. People that have been wrongly convicted, people that have been physically and mentally abused, and more. These are their true stories, experiences, and opinions.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It Gets Personal

What kinds of injustice have you experienced? Write and explain your personal experiences of getting mistreated by the government.


  1. Klamath county oregon took my son he was innocent he could not present any evidence. The joke lawyer told him to take a plea or get more time . My son has never hurt no one and I had evidence to prove his innocence his lawyer refused to use it no one would look the judge DA and lawyer all were working together to screw him for a lousy small town paper story sick sadistik liers they are sickning people let's put these freaks on trial and throw them where they are putting innocent people they are the criminals take back out constitution ! We are strong if we unite let's take back our freedom !

  2. I had a renter who was given a 60 day notice to vacate the property after the lease ended. The man placed a restraining order on us living 1240 miles away, ever paid ret for a entire year, left us with 30,000 dollars in damages and never paid one dime to an attorney. When we wrote the incident up to the Texas state Bar they did nothing.yeah the justice system is a big joke. If you are a home owner buy a gun or hire a hit man

  3. My son was shot and killed by a St joesph police officer,my son was unarmed,no lights,no words were spoken,this cop has three other wrongful death suits ,a sexual harassment case ,two stealing charges,in 2012 this cop took pictures of a man in a auto accident made copies and passed them out the girl that my son was talking too was talking to the cop too,well fifty five days later that girl was shot and killed, no suspects,and the prosecutor scroogins justified this cop killing my son they lied about so much the video shows it all no honest people to help us with justice for jason in st joesph

  4. north las vegas justice court action commenced against me in 1984 without a written complaint, without a finding of probable cause, without adequate notice and without appointment of counsel.
    I am writing a blog about it: